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What to do when an accident?

Recently I bought a car loan, and therefore had to be covered. The insurance company, in a nutshell, I was told what to do If an accident happens. But I would like to hear more about your opinion.
Thanks in advance for the answer. Elena Kiev.

As a rule, employees of insurance companies are widely explain the rights and obligations of parties under insurance contracts. But really There are some moments which sometimes forget to pay attention. For example:
- Do I have to pass examinations?
- Do I need to pick up the damaged parts? (bumper)

Team URKON law firm may advise you to do as you ate were confident that the insurance company will evade the upcoming payments.
1. Do not serve it attractive offers of insurance companies arrange for an insurance event without the formalization of SAI.
If an accident call the traffic police and then the insurance company. In a conversation with a representative of the insurance company find the incoming number for your treatment.
2. Even if you do not propose to be examined (analysis for the presence of alcohol in the blood). Ask for a representative from the traffic police is a direction for himself and a second participant accident (if any).
3. Today, almost everyone has a camera built into the phone. Take a picture of the place of accident, location of vehicles, braking distances.
4. If there are witnesses to write down their contact numbers with notes that people could see and what they think of an accident.
5. Field of the protocol inspection of the accident scene take a photo of him. Also try to get as much information on the second side (the copy rights, technical certificate, insurance contract, etc.)
6. If the result of an accident on your car broken off or dropped out the details, collect them (if possible) and do not throw until you get a refund.
7. Do not tighten with a visit to the insurance company. It is desirable to do it the next day.
8. The insurance company make a copy of your statement about the insurance event and ask them to put a stamp on it with an incoming number.
9. After you write a statement about the insurance event date will be assigned examination. At this stage it is not worth saving. Be invited additionally "truly" independent expert. This service will cost from 100 to 500 UAH., Depending on the status of the expert.
10. Once you submit all necessary documents, provision of which is your responsibility to (a copy of your documents, declaration, certificate of the accident). From the insurance company must obtain written confirmation of data documents.
The above actions will allow you to avoid delays in payment of insurance compensation, because your hands will be ready for a set of documents trial. Insurance company on behalf of the department claims settlement is understood and in most cases are not interested in prolonging the payments.


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