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Ability to appeal the denial of loan

Is there any possibility to appeal the denial of loan?

With this issue in our company turned journalist, one of Kiev's legal publications. The answer to this question is complex, as it contains no specifics, and breed controversy is not quite appropriate. Therefore, the response contains only the most visible aspects of these relations.

Is there any possibility to appeal the denial of loan?
Possible, but its reality is dependent upon the denial. It is desirable that the bank officially prepared refusal. It should also draw attention to the following points:

1) Normally a proposal to loan terms are present in the promotional booklets, promotional articles, television programs. These statements by the bank can subject to Art. 1144. Civil Code of Ukraine "The right to a public promise to pay without competitive bidding"
1. A person has the right to publicly promise to reward (reward) for the transfer her of the result (transfer of information, finding things, finding a natural person, etc.).
2. The promise of reward is public, if it is a notice in the media media or otherwise unspecified stake individuals.
3. In the notice of public promises of remuneration should be determined tasks, time and place of his execution, form and amount of remuneration.
Must carefully scrutinize the proposed product, whether at the bottom of postscripts. Examples of wording which the bank can protect themselves: "Bank reserves the right to refuse the loan ".. "The Bank has the right not to argue waiver ..."

2) It is useful to draw attention to the provisions of the bank, namely: the instructions on the procedure of issuing credit, the requirements of a loan. In case of failure to give oral these documents send a written request with a request to clarify what the Bank's leadership in your particular case. Reply should necessarily given Law of Ukraine "On citizens' appeals are considered and resolved in a period not exceeding one month from the date of their receipt and those that do not require additional study, are considered urgent, but not later than fifteen days from the date of receipt. If in one month time to resolve outstanding issues raised in the impossible, the head of the body, enterprise, institution, organization or his deputy shall establish the period required for its consideration, as reported by the person who lodged the appeal. The total term of the issues raised in the appeal, can not exceed forty-five days. Fee for consideration of citizens not charged. If the bank refuses to provide documents referring to the fact that it is document confidential. Cut off a document confirming this confidentiality.

3) In the event that all will still receive the refusal of the bank which will be described in detail the grounds for refusal to grant a loan. And if these reasons are be like: "not significant given circumstances" that compete for the right loan can be in court. Of course the question remains whether this decision.
But if it did decide to, please, we'll help you.



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