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Getting ready for layoffs?

Before you begin to analyze this, morally offensive, the legal aspect, I would note that the advice contained in this article may help companies do not choke, remain vital activity in the process of restructuring and reducing speed.


            In connection with the impending crisis, many leaders of private companies are forced to think about reducing their speed. This reduction is actually mean forced   staff reductions their dismissal. In connection with which the directors of companies might be interested in how to prepare the company and minimize attendant problems.


            Originally need to pay attention to the issue in order to marshal duties and responsibilities of staff.   This applies to each employee separately, we should not impoverish the duties on some grounds, for example: managers. Try to clearly express duty each employee. After you have formulated the responsibility of their feasible to include in an employment contract.


            At the preparatory process is not finished. Must appoint a person responsible for discipline (such designation may be an individual requests not disclosed)


Let's see what we do: the company entered into a contract with each employee and periodically, by drawing up acts, records disciplinary staff . The existence of these acts do not necessarily inform the employee. Employees only need to remind (preferably in the presence of staff) in the case of disciplinary violations, for example delay, to write explanatory note It would avoid violating Part 1 Article. 149 Code of Ukraine on the work of "Up application    Disciplinary    recovery    employer    or   authorized by that authority shall require   from   violator   Labor   discipline written explanation . If the worker to write an explanation will not, it's not terrible, the main preventable.


Due to the fact that employment contract you have with the employee will be for him a mere formality. Many people do not pay attention to items such as: Sending documents prepared Department ... .... Active only when viewing the written direct supervisor. Thus, depending on the specifics of the enterprise, the hands of the employer will be substantial evidence breach of contract .


            When the decision will be made uncomfortable about staff reduction You can move to negotiations. Head offer employees (explained to him while the economic problems prevailing in the market situation) peacefully part, and if the crisis has once again unite to achieve common goals. Well if it works   reach agreement and will select the appropriate form of voluntary separation or in extreme cases with the consent of the parties. If the employee does not want agree, in this case you will have to point out the risks of dismissal on grounds of misconduct or breach of contract . Furthermore I would like to note that in case of proper drafting of a disciplinary nature it is absolutely Bute legitimate way of dismissal .



In case of any queries in this area, the need for legal advice, counsel, legal services Contact by phone: 8 (044) 229-71-46, +3 8 (066) 041-80-87. Always happy to provide its legal aid .


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