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Dissolution of marriage (divorce), property division, a lawyer in a divorce


Dissolution of marriage (divorce), property division, a lawyer in a divorce



How to properly, competently out of a difficult situation in which turned out to be a family? Separation, eviction, property division, alimony, place of residence children.

It is not correct to believe that preparations should be only for the wedding. Divorce also requires preliminary training, not only psychological, but also legal.

If the initiator of the break in relations is you need to make competent petition for divorce in Court . There is advisable to arrange a divorce through the registrar's office, even if your children are already adults, or your marriage remained childless. Bodies registrar will not be able to resolve property relations, and hope for an oral agreement with the former spouse is dangerous and risky. In the process of divorce can promise anything, still after divorce you no longer meet. It is better to foresee all possible disputes over the division of property Then to not listen to short tones in the phone handset and did not watch the offender at the entrance. Then he'll be too late to complain and wail: "Oh, I was (a) in such a state that simply could not (la) think about anything ... ".

However, the law gives former spouses to determine the property relations within three years after divorce . This is done by presenting civil action Unless, of course, you will find at the moment, who do I bring and where to send, if the property would not have been sold or given as a gift to a third party. Even if there is with whom, where and what to share, you can arrange for a few months of hassle and to lay out a round sum for attorneys, appraisers and other costs.

Suppose you decide to register divorce through the court . In the sample standard claim for divorce Hanging in the corridor of the district court, provided only item for alimony minor children. And not spelled out, whether the ratio of the percentage they will be recovered, or in a fixed amount to do with the additional expenditure on treatment and education of the child after divorce . Did you know that in certain cases, the spouse (the spouse) is entitled to alimony from the former "halves"? Literate lawyer will make a statement of claim all the relevant requirements, articles of the law backing them up.

As division of property upon divorce Then action may be associated, that is accompanied the statement on divorce . It must take into account everything that was jointly acquired during marriage - real estate, transport, bank deposits, business and much more. Lawyer provide you legal aid and   tells you what documents should be attached to suit What information must be submitted to the court. With it you will discuss whether to require allocating a share of the property to children And to what extent.

In each case, there are many nuances to take into account that only by an experienced competent specialists. Trust your lawyer , And then you have only to regret Divorce And not about material wealth gone forever. Specialist, who gives you ankqd or other legal aid Knows about the subtlety and delicacy of family affairs.




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