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Accident and legal assistance

Accident and legal assistance

In posledneev while attending treatment for lawyer for legal aid and legal advice for related Accident . The relevance of legal counsel in an accident increases with the onset of cold season.

So, let's try to clarify some issues that will be relevant to our customers and visitors to our site.

Road traffic accident (RTA) - Traffic accident that occurred in the road with the vehicle and caused the death of people and / or causing grievous bodily harm, damage to vehicles, roads, buildings, goods or other property damage.
            In the incident will also be on their own, and on foreign wine and generally without fault. Inspectors are only interested in the drivers - they are faster and easier to "write off" Accident And drivers are stunned by what had happened and unable to carefully examine the scene, some fall into Accident the first time and do not know on what the key points in the filling of the protocol should pay attention. The minutes of Accident hardly any descriptions of the state line road markings, but they are often blurred, hidden under a layer of snow.
By themselves, violations of the rules of traffic safety or operation of vehicles may not be the cause Accident . Elements of the crime is a causal relationship between certain irregularities parties Accident , Traffic, weather conditions and of effects.
Many accidents occur because of bad roads. Lawyers must know the responsibilities of road organizations and require inclusion trial necessary inquiries, inquiries, examinations, if there is an assumption that Accident not prevented or heavy with because of road conditions. Many years of road-repair service remained invincible, even in the most obvious cases of guilt due to low skill attorneys (lawyers) involved in the investigation Accident . Recently, there are, finally, court decisions requiring compensation for the road services damage .
If hit by a pedestrian, but no trace of braking, investigators and experts often regard it as a fact that a pedestrian suddenly appeared in front of the machine, the driver had no time to react and was unable to avoid collision. The presence of inhibition should be considered primarily so that the driver saw the pedestrian, responded, but could not avoid the collision, as chosen the wrong speed for the given road conditions. Often this unfair, since inhibition - a natural reaction, even if a person throws herself under a car, but it is the judicial practice.
In place Accident give evidence and no explanation is not required, it is your right. Therefore, after the incident, if it is not certain why, do not tell employees of the police information about the incident, but their data. We can say that not feeling well.
Purpose examination by the investigator and the court should be executed procedurally. If the document is an examination absent Expertise loses its legal significance.

A lawyer, specializes in the accident, which has significant practical experience in road traffic accidents, will consider all the circumstances of the incident help designate traffic, investigative, medical and other expertise, as well as undertake all necessary actions.





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