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The well-known Latin saying reads: "The law is harsh, but it's the law."This rule of law and we must abide by them at all times.Since almost all spheres of our lives to some extent, regulated by specific legal provisions that will help high-quality legal services.After all, we are daily confronted with different legal requirements: in business, education, commerce, health care, compliance with traffic rules on the road.Even our lives in which we primarily operate with such moral and ethical concepts as marriage and family relationships between parents and children - also are in the area of ??influence of a law.That's why everyone, even quite far from legal education, it is still constantly faced with the requirements of various laws.

Some things are familiar to us since the school time - for example, rules of the road for pedestrians, as drawn up, consumer contract of sale which may be in store.Therefore, we do not need them in a special explanation.But there are many much more complicated cases where a person without special education, will be quite difficult to navigate.There is a need to use the advice of a quality lawyer who will provide you with legal services.Many people try to save money on legal services like: saying that there is no big deal - because you can find the most appropriate law and read it.In this case we can say only one thing: when you're, you're applying to a doctor, not the most knowledgeable in pharmacy medications, as the self usually ends badly.Similarly, a person who does not have deep knowledge in the legal sector, which due to their lack of knowledge can prevent many errors and much complicate his situation.In this regard, we want to give everyone just a helpful tip: when you run into some difficulties, or you do not know how to behave in a particular situation, then it is better to seek professional advice from experienced lawyers.That will give you the legal services and explain the likely consequences of your actions when, prompt, how best to solve your problem, and if necessary, will undertake to represent your interests in court.

You have the ability to choose a lawyer who acts directly or large company, which will provide legal services.Many lawyers specialize in certain sections of the law (for example, customs and criminal law), others also do business in many categories.

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The Law of Ukraine "On the judicial assembly"
Continuing in such moments in your professional practice or personal life will become to the rescue legal consultation Lawyers with experience.

Tax Inspectorate has introduced "card of the shadow economy"
Late last month, leaders of Tax Service of Ukraine received the so-called "Map of the informal sector", by which they intend to deal with the concealment of income taxpayers.

Amendments to the Law on Public Procurement
263 people's deputies of Ukraine voted for the amendment of the Law of Ukraine "On public procurement" and the Code of administrative responsibility in general, taking into account the proposals of the President of Ukraine.