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It is said that all happy families are happy alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
LN Tolstoy

Law practice confirms this statement.

O many families faced with such unpleasant situations as divorce, division of property, deprivation of parental rights, probate . In the so-called category of "Family disputes" includes a lot of family disputes. In cases of family disputes task a lawyer who specializes in them ( "Family Lawyer" ) Is to protect the interests and rights, including property, turn to it clients.

Lawyers of our company have experience in protecting clients' interests for "family matters". These attorneys are distinguished not only highly qualified, tact, but also the ability to reach out to the client in an unfavorable period for him.

Family disputes:

  • dissolution of marriage (divorce);
  • Division of joint property on a voluntary basis;
  • Division of joint property in the courts;
  • allocation of marital share;
  • The manner of communication with the child;
  • definition of place of residence of the child;
  • recovery of maintenance for the children;
  • recovery of maintenance for the spouse;
  • contesting paternity / maternity;
  • termination of parental rights .

As part of relief "section of the joint property of spouses' lawyers for Family Affairs offers the following services:

1. Professional legal advice
(answers to questions, the judicial perspective, recommendations)

2. Determination and allocation of marital property acquired during marriage, property is personal property of one spouse

3. The section of property between spouses on a voluntary basis --   development and drafting of agreements on the division of property, taking into account all the nuances of your situation, and guided by family law, development and drafting marriage contract, both during marriage and after divorce

4. The section of property between spouses in court -- drafting a statement of claim, filing in court, participate in court proceedings to obtain a decision

5. In settling disputes section property, persons in the family relationships without state registration of marriage

6. Assist in collecting necessary documents for the court, and for the registration of real estate transactions spouses

7. Recognition of the marriage contract invalid



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