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Rules in action: the attack and protection

Good hunters, even in tough business must hold different definitions of ethical rules. It's such a sight violation of which can greatly affect their reputation. Of course, an undercover operation first factor. This is probably because it affects the speed of our operation, because the company, which has been violated attack, certainly could use a special technology protection.

Secondly, the "hunt" in the reserves is not permitted, that is, experts on client companies, even those with whom the conversation closer closed. Thirdly, the hunter is not advantageous "advertising" and speak their "goods". If the customer paid for the rather large funds in the subsequent disappointed in the Attorney corresponding disappointing fall on the agency. Consequently, hunters are allowed to try as seriously explore the market and provide the most objective information.

At this time in newspapers and on the forums quite relevant is the question of national law firms from going on the market of large foreign players. From the fact that such a withdrawal as closely observed, means only one thing - fighting for the staff. From here and the question of the company goes into the question of staff. Some firms move in the dead of protection "in order to prevent theft of personnel, the company forbids all admissible contact with strange faces, permissible recruiters.

But often these heads-slaveholders forget that the employee belongs to them only 8-10 hours a day, i5-6 days a week. In another hour he was free to contact persons - as independent, with other chiefs, and with hunters.

The only particularly reasonable method of protection is to maintain a specific corporate culture and profit-tier own employees. Develop a system for the formation of staff and to give every chance of growth within a company. On the contrary, no trained secretary, office security, or listening to personal phone will not save the company from the pervasive hunters. Experienced hunter always finds a method to communicate with a person must at least support a mobile phone or ICQ.

While there are expensive lawyers, which invested time and energy, it will be and the high demand for them from rivals. With a great desire to keep them incapable of any special precautions in working contracts, nor even an agreement between the law firm's integrity. Persuade a valuable employee is allowed to remain, probably, only one method - the turning of the employee's co-owner, that is a companion.

Of course, there Lawyers That the position of a companion is needed as well as the presidency, but many want partnership. Is it permissible, it is consequently in foreign firms in one companion brought five attorneys. Attention recruits to the workers of your company is the fact that the recognition of the universality of your group. Three different sides - an explosion of a systemic change multipurpose necessities culture.


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