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Legal Articles

Which lawyer me for? "

The first thing you need to understand that a lot of lawyers specialize in any part of the law. Law - Science is a vast, and know everything about everyone is simply unthinkable. Unable to grasp neobhvatnoe. Specialization allows a lawyer to be a real expert in his field. Lawyers too "generalist" bravely chase in the neck.

There are lawyers ( Lawyers ), Specializing in criminal cases. There is - on taxation, on immigration, business registration, financial law, labor relations and etc.

When choosing a lawyer you are required to estimate the difficulties and importance of your question. As the issue could affect your business? How much cover your rights? How many allowances for losses with unfavorable outcome? Answer all these questions.

If the issue is too important for your business for you - it is better to play it safe, turning to the very first randomly lawyer advertising. Better to spend an hour searching for a truly excellent expert in your question.

Where to find yields very good lawyer?

A good option - it is to contact a lawyer for advice. If your employees, partners or good friends turned to the lawyer with similar issues - consult with them, whether they are happy his lawyer, would they recommend it to anyone else. If the result is positive, then you definitely need to meet with that lawyer, in order to understand whether it suits you well.

Well, if you have not found friends to help you in finding a lawyer, then you need to find information on the Internet, reference. Ask a lawyer recommendations of its customers. Do not be lazy to use the calls that would check the recommendations. Ask the customer advocate - whether they are happy? What is the most difficult to work with him? Will they be willing to use the services of a lawyer (firm) in the following?

Also important to remember that turning in a law firm with a known name, to work you will still be notified with a specific person, but not with the company. Excellent reputation of the legal company guarantees the quality of work, but do not have to rely solely on the name of the company. Home Competence attorney, one that will do the job, his qualifications, skill and your ability to effectively cooperate with him.


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The Law of Ukraine "On the judicial assembly"
Continuing in such moments in your professional practice or personal life will become to the rescue legal consultation Lawyers with experience.

Tax Inspectorate has introduced "card of the shadow economy"
Late last month, leaders of Tax Service of Ukraine received the so-called "Map of the informal sector", by which they intend to deal with the concealment of income taxpayers.

Amendments to the Law on Public Procurement
263 people's deputies of Ukraine voted for the amendment of the Law of Ukraine "On public procurement" and the Code of administrative responsibility in general, taking into account the proposals of the President of Ukraine.