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Is it possible to collect the debt on the receipt "

Lawyers for a refund on receipt kakby is easy, because the existence of a receipt proving the unconditional indebtedness. Giving money in this way is easy, as permitted podtvertid that the debt exists in reality.

It should be noticed that for the refund on the receipt did not immediately allowed to go to court. Is it permissible to present a complaint to the debtor proposed to pay the debt, indicating all the negative outcome of this statement to the debtor, such as the production of inflationary losses, 4% per year for the use of money by the debtor. Exceptionally it is significant, if the document does not specify a term impact of debt. Then a conversation with the demand impact of debt in writing (following items need to send a special letter with a message of duty) since its acquisition by the debtor, will be the starting point for several days (within row), and thirty days in the debtor must repay debts (Article 1049 Civil Code Ukraine). Impact of debts can be made the recovery of this statement the inflation index, and 4% per annum from the overdue amount, which only grow with time. It is permitted also indicate that court rasledovanii debtor will have to pay the service a lawyer and other legal costs incurred. You'll have also noticed that the legal fees for lawyers has always pulled together with the losing party.

But unfortunately, in practice often turns out that the information in the receipt must coincide with the real and the debtor waives his "authorship" receipts or simply has no means to return the favor. Turning to the professional lawyer, the client has any chance of efficient and rapid resolution of this snag.

In case the court allowed obraschatsya recommend immediately after submission of this statement of the claim and apply for the detention of the property the debtor (but the claim should be true to indicate on what kind of property nalazhyvaetsya arrest).

Following the transfer of decision by the court and bring it into force, we must ask the court to send a new statement on the writ, and then apply to the special service statement. This is where the shoe pinches, which can meet demanding payment under the impact of debt, from the executive office is often not much high-quality perform their duties without seeking the property of the debtor does not impose on his arrest in a period that allows the debtor to dispose of their property. That's because an experienced lawyer is allowed to make restitution debts from the fact that he would convey demands to find a debtor's property, and will condemn the inaction of any illegal actions of the executive of the company and make other actions to efficient debt recovery.
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