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Associate = PC user?

In an era of informatization by every day becoming more comfortable and easier to find relevant information, including legal disposition. On this issue flared up a vigorous debate on the Kazakh forum, in particular, the value of the legal profession in the era of general awareness. By judgment one of the participants, twenty years ago, lawyers easily "lived" in the libraries, "swarming" in the Bulletin of the courts and memorized in the memory of the laws. A hundred years ago, they read a kerosene lamp thick books in search of one required stitches. Now the lawyer can find any result on any question without leaving your computer. It turns out to be so great a lawyer, do not need a huge lot of work to be quite skillful users of legal databases?

On whether there is a place of the legal profession in the information coming, we decided to check with our lawyers.

Vadim Samoilenko, which is kompanenom Law Firm "Asters", did not see the danger of acting "biological species" in connection with the following facts. "First, raise the number of all available information does not emphasize the mechanical aspiration of its quality, basic, legal education and skill give the probability of true expert to analyze the information obtained. In addition, due to systems thinking approach to the discretion of the lawyer that any other legal problem is complex. In other words, few have the "puzzle", must still be able to collect it.
- Secondly, the work of the lawyer believes a professional robot with people who are unlikely to be able to effectively carry out "a different user trained legal databases. Unsatisfactory know only their own personal right and natural interest, must still be able to defend and confirm them in court. "

Lawyer Eugene Tereshchenko of law firm legal consulting center believes that in the era of information special technology lawyer's role is not impaired. According to Mr. judgment? On Tereschenkova, experienced users can find all the results on some legal issues. But if you are talking about difficult legal problems, the solution may suggest only experienced practicing lawyer who can explain the rules in a complex and difficult to connect the chain, which will work in practice, where the result does not lie over and find it a need for further review of the different rules and practices .

By Jaroslav judgment Kostuchenko, attorney law firm Schoenherr Ukraine LLC, a rising level of knowledge is impossible to keep up, if koneshno as continuously to lower professional qualifications and not be aware of all the latest news. Poyetomu consequently, from the words of Mr. Kostyuchenko, our nation is on the path of specialization. Major - to be an expert in their field. To save money, the contract can koneshno same conclusion without a lawyer, but the savings (in some instances) may be a loss. And if your contract worth a million? Competent lawyers will save you a lot more money. The new era without lawyers unthinkable. The coming of extraordinary experts who know everything: not only the national form, but the level of international and overseas law, and have snogimi foreign languages.

Perhaps, despite the establishment of technological progress, a place in the information coming to the lawyer there. And if UTB will not happen in Kazakhstan, like Ukraine, do not doubt themselves gentlemen lawyers.



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