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The right to property is the right person to a thing (property), which she carries out in accordance with the law on their own, independently of the will of others. A special type of ownership is the right of trust arising from a law or contract property management.

Belong to a secret personal rights of possession, use and disposal of their property. The content ownership do not affect the residence of the owner and location of the property. The subjects of property rights are the Ukrainian people and inshiuchasniky civil relations, defined in Article 2 of the Civil Code. All subjects of property right are equal before the law. All owners of equal conditions to exercise their rights.

The owner owns, uses, disposes of its assets at its discretion. The owner may make in respect of his property any actions not contrary to law. In exercising its rights and obligations of the owner is obliged to adhere to the moral fabric of society.

Property entails responsibility. The owner can not use the right of ownership to the rights, freedoms and dignity of citizens, the interests of society, aggravate the ecological situation and the natural qualities of land. The State does not interfere in the implementation of the owner of property rights. Activity owner may be limited or terminated, or the owner may be obliged to admit to the enjoyment of his property of others only in the cases and manner prescribed by law.

Features of property rights on national, cultural and historical values are established by law. The owner has the right to use its property for business purposes, except as required by law. The law may establish conditions for the use of the owner of his property for business activities.

The right to property is inviolable. No one may be unlawfully deprived of that right or restricted in its implementation. A person may be deprived of property rights or limited uyogo implementation only in the cases and manner prescribed by law.

The expropriation of objects of ownership may be used only as an exception for reasons of public need, under and in accordance with the procedure established by law and subject to prior and full recovery of their value, except as required by Part II of Article 353 of Civil Code.

The owner is required to maintain the property that he owns, unless otherwise stipulated by treaty or by law. The risk of accidental destruction and accidental damage (or damage) of property is its owner, unless otherwise stipulated by treaty or by law.

The subjects of private property rights are natural and legal persons. Natural and legal persons may own any property, except for certain types of property that vidpovidnodo law can not belong to them. The composition, quantity and value of the property, which may be uvlasnosti natural and legal persons, not limited. The law may be set to land that can be owned by the physical and legal persons.

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Concerning the refusal of banks to grant loans to legal entities

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Late last month, leaders of Tax Service of Ukraine received the so-called "Map of the informal sector", by which they intend to deal with the concealment of income taxpayers.

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