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The object and purpose of legal ethics

The object and purpose of legal ethics

Separate block of questions to the subject of legal ethics are issues of legal education, training and retraining of personnel, training, dissemination of positive experience. The main problem here is not just a training specialist - a lawyer, and employee skill levels ie professionals of the business. It is clear that a professional can not be general. Professional - a well-trained expert of a particular case, so the training of such specialists is to distinguish the specific practical problems to be dealt with an employee in the daily work. Legal ethics is to examine not just the system of education attorney general, society needs professionals of the particular case - prosecutors, regulators, investigators, etc. Thus, in general terms the subject of legal ethics may be issued to legal practice and the theoretical system of moral demands constitute etiquette professional lawyers.

Should be added that the legal ethics as the science is in close contact and interaction with other legal services Uses them to achieve their own research subject. Also used extra-legal knowledge of science pedagogy, psychology, sociology, without which it is not possible to obtain and compile the results of objective research. For example, developing practical recommendations for a system of personnel training, reorganization of a legal entity or a system of legal education should not only benefit from the provisions of pedagogy and psychology, as well as the achievements of constitutional law, philosophy, law, legal theory, etc.

Along with the science of \u0026quot;legal ethics\u0026quot; has the same name academic discipline, which fully relies on science and meaningfully reflect the subject, and science and academic disciplines are closely intertwined in terms of content, solve common problems, but between them there is a significant functional difference. Science is designed to acquire new knowledge, to systematize the already known information, and educational discipline intended to transform them into consciousness and skills of students, thus help to solve the problems of practice.

Thus, it is possible to formulate the main problems that are solved together.
1. Based on the requirements of social progress, characteristics and operating conditions of the Ukrainian society, it is necessary to define the role and purpose of legal activity in the structure of social activity.
2. According to the first problem it is desirable to illuminate the social purpose of the legal profession at the present stage of reform of state institutions, as well as enhance the credibility of the legal profession.
3. To formulate a general-theoretical model of the lawyer ( lawyer ) Skill levels, given the totality of the requirements of professional, personal data, analyzing the experience of foreign countries.
4. Based on existing research results to predict the trends of development of legal science, to determine the necessary changes on the system of qualifications in specific legal disciplines.
5. Develop practical recommendations for addressing the legal activity is directly dependent on the level of training, legal culture of the worker, his moral accounting in general.
6. Provide organizational and methodological assistance to law students at the initial stage of training to prepare them for a thorough mastery of the material, to form personal views on legal theory and legal practice, qualified to prepare them for independent choice of future legal profession.
7. To form a stable system of knowledge about the moral accounting of a lawyer, make them part of personal culture, the basis for the further formation of legal consciousness of man.

Based on the analysis of the above problems of legal ethics should pay attention to the special role of ethical knowledge in the humanities. Legal and medical ethics are aimed at providing high quality, vysokogumannogo relation to such social values as a personality. Medic, lawyers must protect client\u0026#39;s interests, honor, dignity, ie all the natural qualities, without which it becomes simply an individual - part of nature.


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