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After getting acquainted with the general features of the system of scientific and legal knowledge are becoming better understood the issues of practice, which occurs in the area of law in this regard has a number of features that enable it to allocate a certain kind of social activity. Before we identify these features, refer to the understanding of more common social activities, there is even a theory of social action, which the authors of the 20-ies of XX century tried to explain the behavior of social actors in communication presentation, psychological and emotional moments that occur during relationship between them. This theory is characterized by its time, as mainstream American sociology of XX century and had considerable success in the explanation of social structure, hierarchy, social systems, levels of their organization, etc.

Issues of social activity can also be considered from the standpoint of philosophy or psychology. In each case we obtain a certain result. However, it should shield the fact that the jurisprudence refers to the social sciences, has its own methodology and the various methodological level - from the philosophical to the concrete historical, and thus were able to explain certain phenomena of the world that are relevant to the legal reality. On this basis, social activities can be defined as a method of organizing and of the social organism, in which, by the transformation and consumption of the world are meeting the vital needs and interests of social actors. Human needs and interests, which was an engine of their activities are very diverse, characterized by uncertain range of aspects of understanding, so that human activities are in compliance in different forms, directions and spheres of public life. One area of content filled the notion of social work is legal work. This legal action can be displayed through the notion of form or scope of social activities. In the first and second case it is justified, because every human activity is observed only when its external manifestations and can exist as a separate phenomenon to a certain system of relations, ie in a certain area of social relations. These aspects indicate a difference in methodological approaches and help to fully disclose the object of research. In addition, legal action can have their own forms of implementation and take place in various spheres of society. In this case, it would be useful to determine what kinds of social activity there are a number of legal and what features of the latter differs from the others. For different reasons for giving such species as - mental, subject, industrial, political, organizational, public management, educational and many other activities on the form of expression or manner of implementation.

Isolation of such a large number of species due to the many facets of social life, the complexity of relationships and connections, in which people enter.

Type of activity is characterized by specific causal relationships, purpose, forms, scope of implementation, stakeholders, media and so on. Legal activities, a separate type of social activity are characterized by such features:
1. There is within the scope of rights by legal means.
2. Active specifically authorized by actors who possess legal knowledge.
3. its purpose is the compilation, coordination of public relations in relation to the requirements of law, address specific situations in life and satisfaction on this basis, individual, group and universal human needs and interests.
4. Legal action is organizing in nature, aimed at organizing the actions of other actors and is largely associated with public activities.
5. Content of legal work in each situation are some of the lawyers who seek to achieve the desired legal result.
6. Legal activity in many situations, showing elements of creativity, individual approach, making concrete decisions on the basis of a general model of behavior Dink.
7. Legal activities of its legal effect permeates almost all spheres of public life, which are subject to legal regulation.

Thus, under legal service should understand one of the types of social activity which is carried out by lawyers, specialists in order to obtain a legal result, the legitimate needs and interests of social actors in accordance with the requirements of law. -Sometimes the term \u0026quot;practice of law (social practice), which essentially reflects the concept of activity, but also includes the experience of practical learning and the reality.

Legal activity, characterized by its specific features, is no exception to the general rule. Like other types of social activities, it is ordered with the help of an entire system of means, including legal hold weighty place. However, in deontological aspects attract the attention of non-legal origin, through which the regulatory impact. What is the essence of social regulation, what kinds of it are, and how it is transformed into a legal activity? It should be noted that based on the systemic nature of social organization (society as a system), its enigma, appropriate development and functioning, social regulation as an essential factor and the condition of coexistence of diverse subjects, the condition of any kind of social activity there throughout the period of the society. You can define two main types of social regulation: the normative and individual. The essence of regulation is to establish common rules of human behavior in society, which are designed for an indefinite number of persons and situations. Individual control is to establish models for specifically designated individuals, which is designed for single use.

Depending on the subjects of management distinguished public and private. However, we note that for the regulation of legal activity is characterized by a combination of different types of regulatory impact. Thus, the regulation occurs during the formation of behavior of a general or individual nature. It uses the following means: eligibility for certain actions, assigning responsibilities, establishing prohibitions and determination of measures of responsibility. Depending on how the installation and ensure the implementation of existing standards, they may be legal, moral, religious or other origin. This is their main purpose is that they define the algorithm of human actions in different situations and in combination constitute the normative foundation of all social activities. Based on the fact that the subject of our study supports the activities of law, the direct basis for its implementation are the legal rules. But while there is a system of moral demands constitute the legal description of ethical activity. This does not mean that morality and law exist separately, finding aspects of the interaction. On the contrary, they complement each other, coordinate their regulatory capacity, although the priority in this interaction are recognized at the origin of moral norms that serve as a determining factor in shaping the regulatory framework of any social regulation.


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