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Legal activity: the concept and content

Legal activity: the concept and content

To understand what constitutes this particular area of scientific knowledge necessary to address the legal definition of science, ethics, and then consider in detail the question of its subject. Legal deontology determine how the science of the system of ethical requirements for professional activities of lawyers. However, along with this there are other definitions. For example, the proposed definition of legal ethics as the science of domestic imperative duty, which creates the preconditions and motives for choice of lawyer ethics in practice, to form their own rules for each situation in particular. In the proposed definition can be traced some of the weaknesses that reflect the trend towards a narrowing of the object. The author does not take into account such significant components of the subject, as information (knowledge system) on the jurisprudence and legal practice, their correlation, functions. He focuses precisely on the legal culture of a lawyer, which causes an individual decision as in the home and at work.

Some take a different position. It is said that legal ethics - a branch of legal theory, generalizing the system of knowledge about the wisdom of communication arts and make the right decisions in legal practice, it is the science of finding the atmosphere to achieve the necessary, the true result in the lawyer\u0026#39;s communication with both colleagues and with those who it provides its professional services and who should serve the legal means in the implementation of its legal status.
Very important is the problem of relation between morality and law, a decision which has significant influence on the formation of the whole system of ethical knowledge. However, this problem is at the junction of several sciences - philosophy, theories of state and law, sociology, and therefore requires an integrated approach, which means one cognitive area of expertise is woefully inadequate, therefore, as a science, legal ethics has several characteristic features:
- This is one of jurisprudence, which, together with others is part of the humanities;
- Legal ethics reveals the content and the relationship of such social phenomena as jurisprudence and legal practice, define their functions;
- Science legal ethics, based on the norms and principles of public morality, forms a system of requirements for professional and personal nature, illuminates the ethics of the legal profession, given the specialization of the legal profession;
- Corporate deontology studied system, forms, methods and means of producing highly qualified legal professionals;
- Features can be described as something that is young for his age, legal science, which is in its infancy and is gradually becoming well-deserved prestige in the system of legal knowledge.

What kind of social importance that science, which made so profound reflection on the ethical issues that arise in the legal field? Legal advice have their own specifics, because of their organizational, managerial, regulatory and authoritative character. The work of lawyers can be seen in various spheres of public life, at different levels of the social organism. This adoption of laws, the organization of their execution of justice, protection of interests of citizens, as well as participation in other important issues. Gradually the scope of legal knowledge is distributed, providing the appropriate authority of the legal profession. This is an objective process, which should not be connected to an artificial trend yuridizatsii knowledge (legal logic, legal sociology, legal ethics. The authority of a lawyer is increasing simultaneously with the increase of the authority of law. It should be noted that at the present stage of development of Ukrainian society, this process is the case. Right increasingly penetrates the system of social relations, involving a growing number of people in the multifaceted legal relationship, thus enhancing the role of defenders of the law.


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