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Institute of Finance of the French Bar

Karp\u0026#39;s - Institute of Finance of the French Bar

Translated from the French abbreviation for Karp means cash money calculations carried lawyers . In Paris, such an insurance scheme was created by a small group of lawyers. It acts as an authorized body of the chairman of the Bar of Paris. It receives money third parties, and it also made financial calculations. Necessarily pass through the cashier the money, securities and valuables, which the lawyers receive from customers whose orders they are doing. Such cases are legion, and their contents are different, for example, when the parties entrust a lawyer storage of common property, when, after his insurance company sends the insurance, when the tenant deposits the rents, etc. A cash customers are calculated and their lawyers.

15 employees and three members of the Council of the Order provides full control over the operations fund. Last guarantees customers that they will be reliably informed on the progress of funds, and complete reliability of operations, which are also amenable to insurance.

At the time of its existence, the volume of cash transactions has increased so much that now a permanent cash balance it is more than 1100 million francs. This permanent fund managed by real professionals, and caring owners. In France there are 179 Karp. By law, each board must have a cashier.

Karp supports a number of programs. For example, KONTAVOKA - is a complete accounting system for a law firm, which provides the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual balance sheets. The system provides an opportunity to reduce costs law firms, 4.5 thousand of which use its services. There is an additional service to the calculations and the calculation of salaries of staff hired a lawyer or lawyer\u0026#39;s office. This system frees lawyer from the practice of complex accounting work related to payroll.

CARP offered its customers a new service system, which operates on the principle of \u0026quot;out of office only in order to take part in the debate.\u0026quot; Electronic AVOKATEL allows via e-mail correspondence with the secretaries of the courts to obtain information about the content of the case, which they lead, and his motion, the appointment of such a consideration. From his office, counsel may file a motion to adjourn the proceedings or to obtain a copy of the sentence. With the help of a personal code lawyer gains access to the data of those cases which are maintained in the courts. Season ticket costs 500 francs per year. Two thousand law firms have joined the system.

Cashier system of financial accounts of lawyers so has proved that the Order of lawyers and CARP think about the fact that a financial institution. It should be \u0026quot;the Bar Bank, which will serve as the fund management law firms - members of the boards. Revenues from skillful investments, provide an opportunity to lawyers and their associations to obtain preferential loans and loans.


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