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The organizational forms of the Bar

The organizational forms of the Bar

The person receiving the certificate of eligibility for the legal profession, has the right to practice individually or start their law office, or associate with other lawyers on the panel, companies, offices and other lawyers\u0026#39; association, acting in accordance with the Law on the Bar and their constitutions.

Activities of the lawyers\u0026#39; association based on the principles of voluntariness, autonomy, collegiality and openness. They are registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, and then reported to local authorities on their registration, and lawyers - to obtain a certificate for the right to legal advice .

The Law on Advocacy of Ukraine considers the order of formation of counsel associations, questions of their activities, reorganization and liquidation, structure, staffing, functions and procedures of funds, rights and responsibilities of governing bodies, procedure for election and other matters within the competence of the respective associations.

Law offices, colleges, companies, offices, etc. are legal entities, guilt, as attorneys, private practitioners have a bank account in Ukraine (as defined in the law cases - and in foreign banks), seal and stamp with its name.

The law defines the relationship bar with state structures, while guaranteeing its autonomy and independence. In particular, the Ministry of Justice provides pay lawyers at public expense in the case of the participation of lawyers in the criminal case for the appointment and release citizens from paying for legal assistance, compile statistical reports on the legal profession, promote the implementation of measures to enhance the professionalism of lawyers. Regarding local government, so they are within its competence, contribute to the lawyers and the lawyers\u0026#39; association in addressing social issues, provide them with facilities for work, etc.

Lawyers for the Law of Ukraine perform such functions:
- Provide advice and clarification on legal issues;
- Oral and written information on legislation;
- Account statements, complaints and other documents of legal nature;
- I assure copies of documents and deeds which they lead;
- To carry out a representation in court, other state bodies;
- Providing legal assistance to enterprises, institutions and organizations;
- Provides legal support of business and foreign economic activity of citizens and legal persons;
- Carry out their duties under the criminal procedural law in the process of inquiry and preliminary investigation.
However, counsel shall have the opportunity to perform in accordance with law and other legal assistance.


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The Law of Ukraine "On the judicial assembly"
Continuing in such moments in your professional practice or personal life will become to the rescue legal consultation Lawyers with experience.

Tax Inspectorate has introduced "card of the shadow economy"
Late last month, leaders of Tax Service of Ukraine received the so-called "Map of the informal sector", by which they intend to deal with the concealment of income taxpayers.

Amendments to the Law on Public Procurement
263 people's deputies of Ukraine voted for the amendment of the Law of Ukraine "On public procurement" and the Code of administrative responsibility in general, taking into account the proposals of the President of Ukraine.