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Discovering the title attorney in France

Discovering the title attorney in France

To become a lawyer, you must either have French citizenship or nationality of one of the countries of the Common Market under the conditions of mutual recognition of diplomas of higher education. Foreigners must meet a number of special requirements and undergo inspection.

A person claiming the title of counsel, could not be convicted for acts incompatible with the dignity and decency, as well as for serious disciplinary or administrative misconduct, or punished in connection with bankruptcy, he can not engage in and conduct incompatible with the profession of lawyer.

A candidate for the position must: have a law degree, pass the entrance examinations (two written and one oral) in one of the regional training centers, which operate under the bar and high school, to spend a year there, learn the theoretical course and receive practical training, pass examinations. Under these conditions, a young lawyer, was adopted in the Order of Lawyers (Board), pronounces the following solemn declaration: \u0026quot;I swear, as a lawyer, serve honorably, faithfully, independently, fairly and humanely.\u0026quot; Then the young lawyer is still a two-year traineeship and receives a certificate. Only after this his name is included in the list of orders as a full member.

Bar Association have made considerable efforts to provide high-quality theoretical training (one year), training (two years), and then the retraining of lawyers practicing. For example, in Paris, operates equipped with the latest science and technology training center with a budget of about 20 million francs per year (two thirds of the panel provides one-third - the state). Showcase the profession is called the Order of lawyers retained by the Paris Institute of retraining.

School building (training) set of lawyers in a positive number for all the regions in which there are board Lawyers And operate, depending on the size of the region, as regional or interregional.

Students of these schools for admission should already have a four-year university education and a fairly tough entrance examinations, among which the principal is given an oral exam, during which tested not only knowledge but also other characteristics of the applicants, attesting to them, so to speak, of professional competence (reaction rate, the logic of reasoning, the ability to articulate their thoughts, view the world, to human rights, etc.).

The training program at the school is calculated at 1 year of education, combining theoretical and practical training on the system modules.

As we see, the learning process in schools of formation of lawyers in France focused on students acquiring practical skills, the ability to implement the previously acquired theoretical knowledge in practice.

It should be emphasized that the French system of education does not stop lawyers from taking graduate law school in the Bar and enrolling him in the register of lawyers, trainees Regional Bar Association, and in some ways just beginning. Interns not only during the 2 years immediately enrolled in the working process as an assistant counsel, which is their mentor, they must necessarily undergo 200 hours of training in the school building of lawyers in the modules, has focused on a particular field of expertise, and before also must participate in all other educational activities organized by the relevant bar association for the trainees.

For lawyers who have successfully completed all the above requirements, have passed a two-year probation and enrolled in the list of lawyers, further training in a purely academic sense of the word is no longer compulsory. However, the opportunities for those wishing to continue to acquire knowledge - excellent. So, at the Paris Bar Association has a Center for Advanced Studies Association, organizes the annual series of lectures, seminars, conferences, round tables on the most challenging, interesting and topical issues of law, new legislation, the various aspects of the profession. Although participation in these events is not mandatory, but their high professional and organizational level provides a continuing interest in them by the lawyers and their quite actively involved in most of the programs organized by the Center.



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