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Principles of advocacy

Principles of advocacy

1. The independence of the legal profession - means independence in carrying out its tasks stipulated by law, no interference by other authorities, in particular, and the judiciary and other actors. Therefore, the law provides an environment of professional rights and duties of the lawyer, which would guarantee freedom from any internal effects, as well as the influence of personal interests. So do not compromise to please the court, prosecutors, other government agencies, third parties or customers and impede the proper provision of legal aid.

This principle is ensured primarily by public non-state nature of the legal profession and its independence as a voluntary professional association.

Counsel should not in the performance of the customer\u0026#39;s order to follow the guidance of others on how, methods, forms, order granting them legal aid.

2.Printsipy democracy and humanity.

3.Printsip rule of law (legality). Counsel in their activities should not violate the law, encourage the establishment and implementation of the rule of law.

\u0026nbsp; Lawyer can not give the client Legal Services deliberately aimed at facilitating the commission of offenses, or otherwise knowingly provide assistance to the commission.

The lawyer is obliged to act in accordance with the Act, using a statutory means of protecting the rights and lawful interests of individuals and legal entities.

4.Printsip privacy. This is a crucial prerequisite for trust relationship between lawyer and client, and not the most important guarantee of advocacy (ie, attorney secrets).

Confidentiality of certain information which is protected by the provisions of Art. 4 of the Law \u0026quot;On Advocacy\u0026quot; can be canceled only by a person interested in its compliance, in writing or other recorded form.

In the secret counsel must also save the contents of the consultations, advice, explanations and other information obtained by him in carrying out their professional duties.

Disclosure of information constituting a lawyer\u0026#39;s secret, forbidden under any circumstances, including illegal attempts bodies of inquiry, pretrial investigation and trial counsel\u0026#39;s questioning about the circumstances, lawyers are secret

These same pre-trial investigation, which became known to counsel in connection with his work in criminal proceedings may be disclosed to him only with permission of the investigator or prosecutor. Lawyers guilty of leaking the data pre-trial investigation, were responsible under applicable law

The lawyer is obliged to provide such conditions for storage of documents submitted to him by the client, attorney profiles and other materials available to him and contain proprietary and confidential information that reasonably preclude access by unauthorized persons.

Attorney, assistant counsel, officials attorney associations, not to divulge information that lawyers are the subject of mystery and use them in their own interests or the interests of third parties.


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