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Oratorical possibilities Lawyer

Oratorical possibilities Lawyer

Oratory is an applied discipline, which is a set of knowledge and skills for the preparation of the speaker and the declaration of convincing speech. In other words, rhetoric - not activity aimed at persuading the audience by means of the living word.

Oratory is perceived not so much as the science of eloquence, but as the science of speech feasibility of a meaningful and correct speech activity. Oratory does not mean merely \u0026quot;speaking\u0026quot; skills utterance of speech, and language as social action, moreover - as a liaison between the broadcasters.

In any speech (speech act) is a transfer of information. A significant response to a question, for what a man says: \u0026quot;In order to convey information\u0026quot; - a tautology, and, as any tautology, this response unconstructive. Indeed, what a person communicates information?

Why does a person transmits certain information to these people and it is precisely at this time? Because man is by nature self-centered. She sees the world as something that functions around it. It generally works only for himself and as arbitrary from this activity, the person works for others. And here it is important that the spoken word to act to remember it, so he stayed in the minds of others. This is the art of oratory.

Oratory - the art of influence on the listeners. He acts on the human depth: on his mind, feelings, orientation, moods, desires, deeds and actions. A good speaker - thoughts and words of the organizer, but it is more difficult than the organization of people: do not issue an order to think so and not otherwise.

The word \u0026quot;she\u0026quot; comes from the Latin - to speak. Modern dictionaries interpret it as a person who is professionally engaged in the art of eloquence, as a person who proclaims it, as a man of the masses the ability to speak, as the \u0026quot;herald\u0026quot;.

Oratory has always recognized the essential and complex creation. It was considered even the queen of the arts, so strong was his influence on public affairs, on the minds of people. After all, the living word does not only utilitarian function of transmitting information - it creates confidence, willingness to certain specific actions. Word of the masses magical influence. Another Avicenna said: \u0026quot;Three weapons have a doctor: the word, a plant, a knife. Note: \u0026quot;word\u0026quot; - in the first place.

In public life, without words, without his influence can not do. Indeed, as can be said that one idea more true for the other? Can only say that one idea more convincing than the other. Learn credibility, learn to make the weak strong opinion - the task can be accomplished with the help of oratory, and turning to the mind, and feelings of people. Who has the same skill, he can convince anyone and achieve the triumph of his opinions. And this is the ideal goal of \u0026quot;social rights\u0026quot;, which takes part in public affairs.

The effectiveness of a lawyer depends on many factors. Along with high-quality legal education, knowledge of law and process, it must have the necessary business and moral qualities, some organizational skills, defined by a common culture, ability to work with people who have developed a sense of duty, fairness and responsibility.

Today it is impossible to perform any type of legal work without the knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms of communication and influence of one person to another. After all, a lawyer for one day enter into communion with dozens of people, different in age, intelligence, their social status, interests and needs. It is this requires knowledge of oratory to influence both the people who, for example, fell within the scope of justice (witness, suspect, accused, victim, etc.) to persons who are directly involved in this type of activity (the investigator, prosecutor, judge Counsel), and for more general purposes: confirmation of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, which determine the content and application of laws, the activities of the legislative, executive, judiciary, local self-government.

It is also the fact that the specifics of the individual, including a lawyer arises from the combination of certain elements of its social characteristics: purpose of the activity, social status and social roles, norms and values that guide a person in the activities, a body of knowledge, level of special training , activity and independence in decision-making and, finally, the sign systems of communication, important of which is language.

The central problem is the language of oratory culture of a lawyer. Sometimes there is disregard for the norms of literary language. Some argue in this way: \u0026quot;Well that will change substantially if, for example, I did not put the emphasis there, not so vimovlyu, or will be poorly drafted proposal? Special here is that the errors in the speech of a lawyer is not dangerous in themselves (although there are many cases where the distortion in pronunciation leads to a semantic errors). But most speech errors adversely affect the students: once mistaken lawyer, second, third ... And now the audience involuntarily begin to speculate: \u0026quot;If these common mistakes in language, it is probably not too high and its professional level and I doubt he knows that problem, which says, and can generally have faith to those provisions and findings, which he leads. One hundred percent effectiveness and impact in this case is low.

And this pattern appears always. If you analyze the problem of legal nihilism in Ukraine, we can say that the bad language culture lawyers played an important role here. To give just one certificate from the media (although living examples of this are many): \u0026quot;The audience had the pleasure to listen to the prosecutor. He was so able to express their thoughts, who was booed from the podium expelled. Even thought it is not done intentionally, or someone playing a prank, to demonstrate this epochal performance IQ of prosecutorial ranks. \u0026quot;

I say nothing about how often lawyers violate the rule of precision of language. At the same time it is accurately characterized by Legal Services and legitimacy. Generally it is difficult to name another area of social activity in which the inaccuracy of the word, the gap between thought and word would have such important implications, both in the field of law. Inaccurate word - social evil. It is the basis for tyranny and lawlessness.

Thus, speech, oratory is a means of communication between people and the expression of thoughts, feelings and expression. In the legal sphere, it is subject to the implementation of the functions right through the instant disclosure of all experience, character, intentions a speaker-lawyer.

It is impossible not to recognize that public speaking is of great importance as an instrument of action for everyone who uses the word in the discharge of their official functions and in communication. Oratory - a forum for lawyers, legal means of influence - is part of the culture and people.

The main functions of oratory advocate constructive (phrasing), communicative (the function of communication and organization of interaction), emotive (the expression of man\u0026#39;s relationship to what she said), the influence of others during communication, persuasion, audience and simulation of communication.

To perform these functions, the lawyer must know what his interlocutors (or a wider audience) want to hear what they certainly do not agree, what words can best act on the listeners, what specific tools are used to best effect.


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