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Culture lawyer. Part 3

Culture lawyer. Part 3

Fire culture of a policeman - is the validity of legal procedure, with the combination of knowledge of tactical and technical characteristics of the firearm and aiming a sniper firing from a legal assessment of socially dangerous situations, as well as skills in the use of weapons to stop criminal acts.

Components: Legal Services Spiritual mechanism of action is right, the psychological mechanism of action is right, the moral mechanism of action is right, the importance of tactical and technical characteristics and the sight of sniper fire, safety, provision of necessary medical assistance to the victim.

Principles: the struggle for legitimacy, increased responsibility, correctness, speed of response, the culture of the trade union movement, safety, trainability.

Features: Effective management of the course of events in the legal phenomenon, the legal warning against the evils of excessive power, improving the mechanism of legal regulation, defining the legal tactics of the use of firearms, the increase in legitimate methods of legal action.

Information: firearms - a weapon, in which for the departure of the bullet (projectile) from the bore using the energy of chemical decomposition of explosives (eg, dust). Modern firearms are divided into artillery intended for the destruction of objects located at a distance or in shelters on small arms (pistols, machine guns, rifles, machine guns, etc.) - to engage openly located purposes. There are also individual and dirt firearms.

Hence: the use of weapons - is an important form of implementation of legal norms and the degree of managerial activities. Impulsive and strong-willed law enforcement police employees should be governed by the legal control of the implementation of rules regarding firearms.

1) a firearm - a fatal vehicle and a police officer must become proficient in all components of the mechanism of action is not only fixed-issue, but also other types of weapons, which is armed with the internal affairs bodies.

2) The principle of safety - a necessary attribute of mental and physical aspects of law enforcement and is a derivative of the norm for a policeman, a testimony to his professionalism.

Nuance: the legal process in Firearms culture - the phenomenon of forced and a police officer has no right to unilaterally implement justice.

Physical education lawyer - this knowledge worker militia rules of physical restraint, a conscious attitude and psychological readiness to use physical force, the ability to use special techniques during the arrest of the offender. Physical education - is a complex, plural socio-cultural phenomenon. That requires a unique approach to his understanding, comprehension and analysis, because it defines the culture and physical action, and the process of physical education.

Components: psychological readiness, the ability to perform special techniques, a conscious attitude to the use of physical action, physical standards.
Principles: the appropriateness of physical action, the legality, full zmobilizovanist, intelligence, non-violence.

Options: training law enforcers to error-free action in situations where you have an accurate and reasonable calculation of the physical forces, arming law enforcers range of activities and education in his resistance to failure, the head of police assistance in extreme conditions, maintaining their own health and lives and prevent illness or eliminate the problem of the offender, first aid to victims. The strength in the physical sense, the ability to change the shape of material masses, to cause their movement to change direction and speed of movement or cause the body to a resting state. Hidden power is called for as long as it is idle, - force in the proper sense. The concept of power has its basis in the psyche, being associated with human experiences of internal stresses.

Information: physical education, the militia - a purposeful, active process of his physical development and improvement of physical culture and training towards the realization of legal norms in legal phenomena. Physical education is carried out in tandem with the intellectual, moral, labor and aesthetic education.

Nuance: physical education lawyer is not the physical punishment of the offender (as a measure of the impact by setting the physical pain and mental suffering), and forced his detention for further legal action.


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