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Culture lawyer. Part 2

Culture lawyer. Part 2


Economic Culture lawyer ( lawyer ) - Is the level of economic and legal regulation of social relations on the basis of high economic feasibility of professional action to enhance the economic independence of Ukraine.

Functions: the search for effective legal controls in the economy, promote the observance of financial discipline officials and citizens, to prevent financial and economic abuses in the state, actively promote the transformation of the shadow economy in the state, to prevent the negative consequences of ethno-national migration, the ability to establish causal relationships between economic and legal phenomena, the formation of new economic thinking and consciousness, etc.

Information: the economy (from the Greek. The house and the law) - these are rules of farming as 1) the combination of instruments, objects, and processes used by people to meet their needs by creating the necessary wealth, environment and livelihood through labor and 2) the science of farming and how to reference the relationship between people in the process of production and consumption, exchange of goods and services.

From: should focus on identifying the impact of economic factors on various forms of social behavior, an analysis of the relationship of such phenomena as class, status, power, small group, socialization into a coherent system of social relations, including economic ones.

Note: Economic crime - is a set of socially dangerous acts that impinge on the monetary and financial system of the country, committed to a certain territory for a certain period of time.

Economic Culture lawyer helps him better understand the essence of market-oriented economic reforms, to learn the basic techniques of self-regulation economy, and features of the development of new forms of management, improve knowledge of the economic potential of our state and generally define the scientific laws governing the development of the economy.

You must be able to systematize economic judgments for the analysis of illegal actions, to address the significant economic challenges in the logic of legal phenomena, in particular to restrain inflationary pressures in the state, protecting the rights of local producers, on the middle tier owners, who can really bring the country out of economic crisis.

Nuance: economic crime occurs predominantly in the critical period of development.

Acting Culture lawyer - is the degree of ownership of such features as the actor\u0026#39;s attention, movement, language technology - anything that creates a mental image, which would be using a strong emotional and legal memory helped a deeper knowledge of the legal truth.

Principles: validity, the legal culture of freedom. Culture of faith in a just legal decision, legal improvisation, the potential for legal action.

Functions: Develop the creative skills of the nomination and the development of productive legal versions, building the capacity to provide legal implications, the necessary emotional and legal situations, education skills and behaviors in the legal space and prevent the emergence of a legal monotonicity, dynamic service relationships with citizens.

From: Performing Arts - the art of theater games, create artistic images in the theater, film, television and radio. It is intended to embody in a play, movie, etc. author\u0026#39;s intent, to reveal the depth of the ideal content of the product and bring it to the viewer, both to enrich the play, the libretto, the script\u0026#39;s own creativity, life experience of the actor.

Note: a constant source of dramatic art is life. Putting himself in the circumstances of the play (the script) and the role of the actor creates a character based on the stage of reincarnation - change of appearance, and most importantly the identification and apprehension of the spiritual world of the character. This material for an actor is his natural gifts as an external (voice, movement, gesture, facial expressions) and internal (emotions, temperament, imagination, observation). Important elements of the actor\u0026#39;s art is the attention, imagination, emotional and motor memory, the ability to spilkudannya stage presence, sense of rhythm, etc.

The importance of acting Culture lawyer is to develop schemes of his behavior, the ability to distribute the supply of nerve force, to keep them in climactic moments. Cast taste reactions unexpected phenomena, the ability to easily and unobtrusively to switch from one legal phenomenon to another, notice of the legal or non-legal phenomena that distract, focusing on the necessary legal actions. Deep penetration into the inner life of the client impersonation of a man who lived feelings of the client. Implementation of their professional role at a high level.

Nuance: between an actor and a lawyer there are commonalities and differences.

Foreign Culture lawyer - is the degree of compliance with the lawyer the statutory requirements regarding the appearance, speech, behavior, and the ability to demonstrate service etiquette, moral and professional activities and legal charity.

Components: official (legal) etiquette, ethics of the legal non-violence, a legal charity, the style of behavior, ritual culture, communication with different categories of people, the culture of speech, curbing of criticism, the personal life of a lawyer.

The principles: honesty, sensitivity, humanity, efficiency, diligence, diligence, tact, restraint, modesty, self-control, the unity of rights and duties, protection of subjective rights lawyer, the presumption of innocence of a lawyer, observance of the subordination, non-violence, the tone, tact, tovarostoykost hospitality.

Options: synthesis of the components of legal ethics, building official etiquette legal activities (management function, evaluation function, the educational function, cognitive function), creating a basis for a culture of professional activities, developing the foundations of professional code of ethics lawyer in the fields of professional activity, communication and personal life.

Information: foreign culture is not a separate, independent species overall (social) culture, and categories that define almost all types of cultures.

Business Etiquette lawyer - is traditionally set in the state, public or private organizations and embodied in the regulations form the performance of official duties. Ethics Law of Non-Violence - a system of professional spiritual and moral attitudes, feelings, convictions against the offender, as well as awareness of the lawyer spiritual, moral and legal liability for exceeding their authority.

Hence: the law of life lawyers should be the basic norms of human morality, which were formed historically, govern human relations based on mutual respect, humanity, justice.

Note: Business Etiquette lawyer is required to ensure the proper state regime as a means of state power.

Nuance: foreign culture lawyer not directly dependent on his professional knowledge and skills.


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Advocate - Defender of the suspect, accused, defendant

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Divorce as a synonym for partition

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Frequently asked questions lawyer

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The Law of Ukraine "On the judicial assembly"
Continuing in such moments in your professional practice or personal life will become to the rescue legal consultation Lawyers with experience.

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Late last month, leaders of Tax Service of Ukraine received the so-called "Map of the informal sector", by which they intend to deal with the concealment of income taxpayers.

Amendments to the Law on Public Procurement
263 people's deputies of Ukraine voted for the amendment of the Law of Ukraine "On public procurement" and the Code of administrative responsibility in general, taking into account the proposals of the President of Ukraine.


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