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Culture lawyer. Part1

Culture lawyer. Part1

Information Culture lawyer - is the degree of ownership of the volume of information due to perform his duty, the ability to receive and effectively implement it in a legal activity under the Law of Ukraine \u0026quot;On information\u0026quot;.

Principle: the right to information, reliability, accuracy, completeness, necessity, utility.
Options: humanistic, managerial, communicative, orientation, restricted, and the function of moral and legal responsibility.

Information: Information - effective means of regulating social processes. The Law of Ukraine on October 2, 1992 \u0026quot;On the Media\u0026quot; indicates that information - a documentary or public disclosure of information about events and phenomena in society, the state and the environment.

Hence: the properties of information - the usefulness, completeness, correctness, novelty, they emphasize the value of particular relevance to any information or messages). Information activities - a set of actions aimed at meeting the information needs of citizens, legal persons and States. Information Request Form - an appeal, the requirement to provide an opportunity to review with the official documents. Information service - is the implementation of the law in a particular form of information work in bringing information products to consumers to satisfy their information needs.

Legal information - a collection of documentary or public disclosure of information about the law, its system, sources, implementation, legal facts, the legal, law enforcement, the offense, fighting with them and their prevention.

Note: Documents in official relations - a statutory form of material receipt, storage, use and dissemination of information by fixing it on paper, magnetic film, video, film or other media. For information products are materialized results of outreach activities designed to meet the information needs of citizens, state bodies, enterprises, institutions and organizations.
Nuance: confidential information is a secret for a time, until certain conditions.

Mathematical culture lawyer : - A degree of mathematical understanding of the ideal of being human and legal rights mathematization of misconduct in its real existence.
Components: mathematical equation, mathematical inequality of human existence, the installer mathematical equality existence.

Principles: functional dependency, the mathematical formalism, the equivalence of sets, proportionality, the mathematical algoritmizm, aksiomatizm, constructivism, hypothetico-deduktivizm, pragmatism, the mathematical intuitional.

Options: knowledge of mathematical models of legal phenomena, the formation of spatial imagination in the ignorance of the legal reality, the development of mathematical and logical thinking in legal action, study and improve their own formula of professional activity, the content of legal harmony in the legal action, the direction of human behavior in the side of good.

Help: Math: (from the Greek. - Knowledge, science) - is the science of quantitative relations spatial forms of the real world. As a science, it evolved in ancient Greece in the VII-III vv. BC, when Thales, Pythagoras, Euclid and other philosophers systematized known at that time, mathematical knowledge and presented them with a precise justification. In particular, Thales was a geometer, he determined the length at 365 days, predicted the solar eclipse. Important role in mathematics is a theorem, its proof.

Note: Mathematics, the \u0026quot;scope and the maid\u0026quot; of all other sciences, is always and everywhere appeared in front and at the same time was to be ridiculed, recriminations in its detachment from life, distractibility, dryness, etc., creating new ways of human knowledge. In philosophy, for example, the term \u0026quot;attitude\u0026quot; is an undefined concept. In mathematics, the concept is so clear, as simple. Decisive is the idea of conformity (or more general idea of mapping). The presence of an incidence relation between points and lines simply means that every point raised under a set of lines (it is believed that they were incident to a given point).

Nuance. Investigation of criminal case investigator similar to the proof of Theorem mathematician.


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