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Counsel for economic affairs

Counsel for economic affairs

    Enterprises, institutions, organizations and other entities (including foreign) nationals who carry out business activities without establishing a legal entity and duly received the status of a business entity (hereinafter - the companies and organizations) are eligible to apply to the Commercial Court in the established the jurisdiction of economic affairs for the protection of their violated or disputed rights and legally protected interests.

In cases stipulated by legislative acts of Ukraine, the Commercial Court shall have the right to seek state and other agencies, citizens who are not subjects of entrepreneurial activity.

The range of issues is broad enough, as well as a wide range of actors involved in the proceedings. Often, to understand the subtleties and specifics of the solution of economic disputes by force only experienced lawyers.

Economic courts under the jurisdiction of:

cases of disputes which arise from the conclusion, modification, and implementation of rupture of economic contracts and other reasons, as well as in debates on the invalidation of acts on the grounds specified in the law, except:

disputes that arise in harmonizing standards and technical regulations;

dispute on the pricing of products (goods), as well as tariffs for services (performance of works), unless those prices and tariffs in accordance with the law can not be established by agreement of the parties;

other disputes, the decision which, in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, international treaties and agreements referred to the jurisdiction of other bodies;

bankruptcy cases;

the case on allegations organs of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, the Accounting Chamber

One of the main activities of our company have an attorney\u0026#39;s representation and protection of your interests in economic courts, Legal Services . Our work to protect your legal position is carried out in the event of disputes of any nature, in particular:

to modify the terms or the termination of contracts;

of the failure or improper fulfillment of obligations;

recognizing the right of property;

on the protection of rights of the owner;

for damages;

on the recovery of property from illegal possession;

for invalidation (in whole or in part) acts of governmental and other bodies that do not comply with laws and normative legal acts and violating the rights and legitimate interests of organizations and citizens.

We provide legal assistance to the client not only directly in the economic process, but also complex legal support positions in the Client\u0026#39;s legal relations arising disputes, economic disputes, namely:

oral and written legal advice on the case

preparation of claims;

preparing pleadings;

participate in court proceedings during the hearing;

Preparation and submission of complaints, petitions, applications, and the like;

preparation and submission of appeals and appeals from decisions of courts; preparation and submission of applications for review of cases of newly discovered evidence, and the like;

participate in the consideration of appeals, appeals and applications for review of cases on the new circumstances in a court of appropriate jurisdiction.

Economic disputes - disputes difficult because in most cases, referring to the amount exceeding ten thousand hryvnia. And lose the money he had earned by hard work for many years, quite difficult. Therefore, the only correct way out of any business litigation is to contact an experienced lawyer.



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