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Legal Articles

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Legal Services

Provide a range of legal services :
Legal Services of vzyskaniiyu bad debts of legal entities, lawyer , Legal Advice ;
Legal Services elimination of receivables legal defense ;
Legal Services on support of business enterprises abonetskoe legal services , Lawyer cues ;
Legal Services and Legal Aid in choosing the optimal organizational form to create a legal entity, legal advice, legal support ;
legal assistance in obtaining Certificate of state registration of legal persons lawyer Kiev ;
Legal Services to develop the foundation documents for the opening of legal persons, legal advice of counsel , legal support ;
• Skilled legal analysis order of registration and compliance with the constituent documents of legal entities existing legislation Legal Advice , lawyer Kiev ;
Legal Services for changes in the constituent documents of operating entities, (1 - 5 days) legal advice, counsel ;
Legal Aid and legal defense at appeal decisions tax and other regulatory bodies lawyer , Legal Advice ;

Attorney Services

lawyer to assist in the process of obtaining land in the ownership or use, Legal Advice , legal services to Kiev ;
legal support and lawyer of all procedures realtor character (real estate valuation, provision Legal Aid at the conclusion of preliminary contracts between agents and customers, legal services transactions ) legal defense ;
lawyer and legal support for patents, trademarks, Ukraine, industrial design, scientific and technical inventions in Ukraine and abroad, protection of the rights in court , lawyer Kiev , Legal Advice copyright ;
lawyer and legal expertise infringement, Legal Advice ;
lawyer and complex legal protection copyright and related rights of individuals and legal persons Legal Advice copyright;
lawyer and legal protection computer programs and databases, Legal Advice ;

• integrated management of cases (including appeals appeal) in the courts of all levels, protection in court, criminal lawyer, accident lawyer, the lawyer for the family court, the lawyer for civil matters, the lawyer for economic affairs, the lawyer for land disputes, the lawyer for the housing disputes;

Legal advice lawyer

Free legal advice - The phenomenon of the past century. To the great disappointment of many citizens, Free legal advice and Legal Services Almost none Law Firms not provide, and if anyone has, they want to be the best quality.
Legal advice online - Yes, our Lawyers and lawyers often carried out simple legal advice online (Online), as shown by our practice the most effective form of cooperation still personal communication lawyer and the client.
Legal advice Kiev -our Law Company located in Kiev, but we provide legal advice , Legal Services and residents of other regions with or without exit. In addition, we provide Legal Services and citizens of other countries on issues related to the Ukrainian legislation and Ukrainian residents.
Legal Advice Questions - A large group of our Lawyers able to answer any legal issues questions of any interested person.
Real Estate Legal Advice - Our Lawyers and lawyers will have a full legal advice Estate.
Telephone legal advice - Telephone legal advice can be found in the contact section of our site.

Virtual Legal Advice - Virtual legal advice, it is the same advice onlayt (online) is carried out by all our staff lawyers and lawyers .
Legal advice housing - In our state are working Lawyers and lawyers Providing qualified legal advice on housing issues, issues of house demolitions, the universe, evictions, section apartments, houses, buildings, land after divorce (divorce).

Legal advice housing issue - For this phrase lies expert who owns the actual subject of housing rights, in a position to respond and give qualified advice on any legal question of housing.
Legal advice service -- Legal Services and legal advice are our lawyers and lawyers .

Legal advice online - We are very often legal advice online.
Legal advice law - Our lawyers and Lawyers daily basis legal advice Human (deprivation of rights, return rights).
Legal Advice Labor - Our Lawyers Like all lawyers involved and continue to engage in labor disputes and legal advice on labor law .
Free legal advice online - In our opinion free legal advice Online - not as effective phenomenon, as desired. We strongly recommend not to save money on skilled care, and in case of need necessarily to seek assistance lawyers and lawyers .
Legal advice Family - In our company, working Lawyers and lawyers Which for a long time and successfully specialize in legal advice family disputes.

Forum for legal advice - Forum legal advice This phenomenon has been recently quite common. Ability to deal with legal demagoguery - the main purpose forumchan. Ability to get real legal aid us to see unlikely.
The land issue legal advice - The price of land in Kiev and the region in recent times is the main wealth of the inhabitants of Kiev and, accordingly, we strongly recommend to deal with land issues did not skimp on legal advice on land issues in professional Lawyers and Lawyers .

Legal advice heritage - Our Lawyers and lawyers , Hold legal advice inheritance and succession law. 

Business legal advice - We provide legal advice for business, we will help you to draw a firm, open a checking account, will help draw up a contract, a deal, to prepare a claim, help you to go to court on your behalf for the protection of your legal interests, to provide any legal aid any legal advice for your business.
\u0026nbsp; Legal advice on family law -- is legal advice on the sensitive nature of divorce, property distribution, determining the place of residence of the child, maintenance, protection in court on such matters.

Legal Advice Labor Law - We are ready to legal advice of labor law at the proper level.
Legal Advice administrative - Legal advice on two fronts, among which the cases on administrative charges and administrative affairs of disputes with Oranim power.

Legal advice courts.
Legal Advice Accident -- legal advice to accident Is legal advice on accident in several areas: administrative liability, criminal liability, representation in bodies of MIF, the court, the protection of the rights of victims and damages caused by accidents.

Legal aid

• analysis of court records, drafting pleadings, pretrial settlement of disputes;
• Consultation and assistance in obtaining documents on the activities of passport and visa service;
• registration of documents for traveling abroad, advice on design of a residence permit in Ukraine;
• advice on registration of foreign citizens on the territory of Ukraine, the procedure for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine;
• provide services archival documents.

Attorneys and lawyers of our law firm will provide you and other kinds of legal assistance, of which you can learn from the pages of this website and personal communication on legal advice.

The quality of our services and prices you will be pleased with pleasure.


Accident and legal assistance

SERVICES lawyers in civil case

Dissolution of marriage (divorce), property division, a lawyer in a divorce

Protection in court, drafting pleadings and legal counsel

Preparation and legal analysis of contracts

Is it legal to raise interest rates for credit use?


Divorce as a synonym for partition


Ability to appeal the denial of loan

Concerning the refusal of banks to grant loans to legal entities

Divorce, divorce lawyer

Recover debts correctly! first stage of preparation

What to do when an accident?

The experience of Russian colleagues: lawyers and attorneys

The experience of Russian colleagues (False)

Consumer Protection (The experience of foreign counterparts)

Frequently asked questions lawyer

Compensation for damage caused by crime

Resolving commercial disputes in the economic crisis (legal aspects)


You stopped traffic police personnel or DPS: What to do? What are the powers of police employees and your right ???!!!

No prohibitions and traces

Overtaking - Rising Sun

Stopping and parking

Counsel for economic affairs


Individual and collective labor disputes

The review of labor disputes

Subjects and objects of civil law relations

Advocate - a reliable support in the legal world

Culture lawyer. Part1

Culture lawyer. Part 2

Culture lawyer. Part 3

Oratorical possibilities Lawyer

Lawyers and the logic


Safeguards Advocacy

Advocate - Defender of the suspect, accused, defendant

Principles of advocacy

Lawyer mystery

History of the Bar

Discovering the title attorney in France

The form of organization of the lawyer in France

Responsibilities lawyers

Relationship with the Advocacy Ministry of Justice. Part 1

Relationship with the Advocacy Ministry of Justice. Part 2

The principles and guarantees of advocacy

The organizational forms of the Bar

Professional law lawyer

What lawyer is obliged to do

Attorneys at law

Remuneration of counsel

Institute of Finance of the French Bar

Legal activity: the concept and content


The object and purpose of legal ethics


Legal relations

Legal services for low-income

Legal Advice for annual confirmation information about the legal entity

Associate = PC user?

Is it possible to collect the debt on the receipt "

Which lawyer me for? "

Rules in action: the attack and protection

For what purpose was to hire a lawyer

Doing business

Who is a lawyer?

A lawyer in Kiev

Legal consultation

Legal services

Providing quality legal services

Consulting and legal services by experienced lawyers

Protection of suspects, defendants - a robot lawyer

Legal assistance during business

Legal advice when signing contracts

Legal services from the professionals

The provision of legal advice by Urkon

Lawyer and the lawyer in Kiev

Legal aid and counsel in Kiev

What is included in the services of a lawyer in Kiev?

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Stopping and parking

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Remuneration of counsel

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Legal activity: the concept and content

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The Law of Ukraine "On the judicial assembly"
Continuing in such moments in your professional practice or personal life will become to the rescue legal consultation Lawyers with experience.

Tax Inspectorate has introduced "card of the shadow economy"
Late last month, leaders of Tax Service of Ukraine received the so-called "Map of the informal sector", by which they intend to deal with the concealment of income taxpayers.

Amendments to the Law on Public Procurement
263 people's deputies of Ukraine voted for the amendment of the Law of Ukraine "On public procurement" and the Code of administrative responsibility in general, taking into account the proposals of the President of Ukraine.


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