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A lawyer for an accident

In this article we will talk about issues dealing with traffic accidents, types of accidents, the intricacies of the investigation, Rawle expert judgment on the investigation, and sonWhy do we have so much time predelyaem just an accident, and what in this case can only help an accident lawyer? The answer is clear: road traffic accidents - a lot of problems that can happen to any of you, no matter in what capacity we act in the process of investigating this type of criminal offense - a witness, victim or may be accused.

The investigation of an accident is one of the most complex investigative processes, because they charge only to investigators with extensive experience, and in most cases of investigators for especially important cases.Accordingly, the accused must defend the lawyer accident.The main feature of the investigation lies in the fact that 70% of drivers think that his opponent is guilty of, namely, a person is controlled by another car.In this case, both lead pretty strong evidence of his own innocence.The reason for this is the fact that the investigator has the opportunity to question members crashes after a very long time, during which both participants in road accidents could have time to come up with their version of what happened, think about all the little things, and even turn to his lawyer for an accident or broken down in this companion.Because the investigator must interview both parties, but only informative, but the basic information needed to get a questioning from independent sources - witnesses, reviewing the scene, inspections of vehicles that were parties to an accident, etc.n

Another problem is that often witnesses and victims in these situations stayut friends or relatives as drivers whose actions and the investigator must find out.In addition, in severe cases of road traffic accidents receive testimony from witnesses or participants can not be - drivers can be lost or witnesses may not be available when the collision happened on the road at night.Because the main indisputable evidence in criminal cases is an accident of circumstances commit protocol and the accompanying protocol inspection vehicle.After creating and signing these documents, they will not be able to challenge even the most professional accident lawyer.

Why is it so? That's because the roadway and cars - are the only witnesses to an accident, which can neither be bribed nor persuaded and will never get from them evidence of what happened - just the facts.

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First, you should realize that most lawyers specialize in any one branch of law.Jurisprudence - the science is very broad, and know everything about it is simply impossible.It is impossible to grasp the immensity.

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In civil courts the right to counsel at an address in the courts as a representative of a warrant, is being implemented on the basis of power of attorney, which must be made in accordance with established law and correctly certified.

  What do I need a lawyer
First, you should realize that most lawyers specialize in any one branch of law.Jurisprudence - the science is very broad, and know everything about it is simply impossible.It is impossible to grasp the immensity.

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